Finance Workshop

Markets with no holds barred

The “spring” workshop of The European House – Ambrosetti, second in importance and prestige only to the Villa d’Este forum with which it shares the same exclusive venue. The audience is of the highest level and includes top management and financial officers from Italy’s leading corporations who get together here to improve their understanding of current trends in national and international markets.

Finance Workshop
Finance Workshop
Finance Workshop
Finance Workshop
Finance Workshop
Finance Workshop
Finance Workshop
Finance Workshop
Finance Workshop
Finance Workshop
Finance Workshop

“The Outlook for the Economy and Finance”

28th edition
Friday, April 7 and Saturday, April 8, 2017
Villa d’Este (Cernobbio)

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The workshop aims to ensure the best possible comprehension and interpretation of the outlook (the current situation, new trends and future prospects of both cyclical and structural nature, areas for possible crises, etc.) regarding the economy, finance, financial markets and their respective institutions in the world, Europe and Italy.

Each year the event brings together a select group of top executives from the most important industrial and service companies and the major international and national financial and economic institutions.

The program, as it currently stands, will address the following topics:

  • The World Economy: for How Long in the New Mediocre?
  • Strategies for Investing in a Post-Brexit and “Trump(ed)” World
  • What Are the Most Promising Emerging Markets?
  • The Agenda for Europe
  • The Agenda for Italy
  • Capital Markets and European Banking Unions.

The topics covered in this last session were analyzed in depth in the Ambrosetti Club study, “Towards Better Regulation for the European Banking and Financial System by Balancing Security and Stability Objectives with the Need for Competitiveness and Growth”, which will be distributed during the workshop.

The workshop will be highly interactive and will allow ample time for questions during formal and informal discussions. We will guarantee – with the input of the many experts present – that each question posed will receive a thorough response.

Places are limited.

For further information, please contact:
Ms. Alyce Henness, Project Coordinator: tel. +39 02 467531 – email: alyce.henness@ambrosetti.eu.

The Outlook for the Economy and Finance is the workshop held every year in the spring at Villa d’Este in Cernobbio. After its September Forum, this is the most prestigious event organized by The European House – Ambrosetti and its scope is to examine and explain economic and financial scenarios—the current situation, new trends and prospects for the future, both conjunctural and structural, and potential areas of crisis—in Italy, Europe and the world.

A prestigious event

This workshop’s prestige is due both to the importance of the issues examined and the array of speakers and attendees from around the globe that includes experts, Nobel laureates, presidents, CEOs, top managers of major corporations and representatives from leading political, economic and financial institutions, from both Italy and abroad.

The workshop has a strongly interactive nature with ample opportunity for debate and exchange, including outside the scheduled sessions.


The most recent workshop, the 26th, included among its speakers the then-Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis; Italian Minister of the Economy and Finance Pier Carlo Padoan; the Governor of the Bank of Italy Ignazio Visco; economists Nouriel Roubini, Jim O’Neill, Richard Koo and Serge Latouche; the Commissioner-General of the French Prime Minister’s Policy Planning Staff, Jean Pisani-Ferry; and former Italian Prime Ministers Enrico Letta and Mario Monti.

Over the years, also hosted at Cernobbio have been Josef Ackermann, Joaquín Almunia, Giuliano Amato, Gary Becker, Fred Bergsten, Howard Davies, Wim Duisenberg, Stanley Fischer, Fan Gang, Enrico Giovannini, Otmar Issing, Mervyn King, George Mathewson, William McDonough, Robert Mundell, Christian Noyer, Edward Prescott, Alessandro Profumo, Raghuram Rajan, Eiusuke Sakakibara, Myron Scholes, William Sharpe, Vernon Smith, Pedro Solbes Mira, Michael Spence, Joseph Stiglitz, Domenico Siniscalco, Peter Sutherland, John Tiner, Michael Treschow, Giulio Tremonti, Jean-Claude Trichet, Paul Volcker and James Wolfensohn.

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